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Good Tv Icons.

High Quality TV Show Icons.

Good Tv Icons
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This is an icon community basically only for icons from TV shows. It is also a closed community and you'll have to apply for posting access and membership. I know many people have "fandoms" in television and some from various shows. For example: BTVS, ATS, The O.C., Sex and the City, Joan of Arcadia, Wonderfalls, etc. So I thought of making a community where you kind find all of those, but at the same time find high quality (decent) icons that don't hurt to look at.

This community is based on the idea of takenote_icons, chosen_icons and goodhplotricons, but is in no way associated with them and so I cannot say I judge icons the same as them. So, even if you are a member at one of the above mentioned communities that doesn't mean you'll get into this one.

How do I post here?
Well, you'll have to comment here to apply and then once that is done you'll have to join the community and I'll either deny or accept your membership. Keep in mind if you give me a link to a journal to judge your icons to make sure it's not friend's only as I won't be able to see it and I don't want to go through trouble to join/add it.

Other things to keep in mind.
I think templates are cheating along with many other icon makers.

You may post bases, but they have to be made in some way that is pleasing to the eyes. Just cropping it down to 100x100 or 98x98 and putting a border around it doesn't qualify you as an icon maker.

Even if you don't get in the first time (even the fifth time you apply) you can always try joining again at a later time. Though I ask you to at least wait a week inbetween each time you apply.

If you have more than, let's say, two icons, then it's better to use the lj-cut.

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